Using PAD File to Promote Products Efficiently

Nowadays PAD files have become more and more popular since it could make the whole submission process much simpler - not only for authors but also for website owners. Essentially it enables you to definitely register your programs rapidly, only using the Link to the PAD file.

However, what is PAD? In fact, PAD (also called Portable Application Description) is really a new XML - based open format that can help shareware authors provide product specifications and descriptions to online sources in a standard way, and at the same time it will also utilize a standard data format to permit website owners and program librarians to automate program entries.

We all know that whenever you submit your shareware program to download sites or other shareware directory you must be requested to submit enough product details. This moment the best method is to create a PAD file in advance. But before you create a PAD files, you should be ware of something else.

First, we have already mentioned previously about the PAD standards, including product information, XML web technology and so on. Second, the PAD files must use two places: in the ZIP file, remember that anybody who distributes software can extract it and retrieve the data. On the other hand, try to avoid using a version number within the link on your website as you need to make use of an address that will not change, because some sites are instantly checking PAD files for changes, upgrading their lists.

Then, to create PAD files, you have to possess a PAD generator, next adopt these measures. You ought to complete all of the fields relating to your company and also the contact person, such as the name, version, release date, type and so on. This is convenient for visitors to contact you and at the same time increases your site credibility. In addition the company URL and e-mail address is also good for suppliers. And you should also fill in all of the fields concerning the link where clients or suppliers can download this program and where more details are available for the program. Maybe you are able to fill in the affiliates PAD extensions which will help you increase sales. After accomplish all of the required fields and the items that can make money, you can click File Generate PAD file. But in case you add your PAD file within your distribution file, then you had better keep the default title.

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